Premium Golden Flaxseed

NON-GMO, 100% All Natural Flaxseed

Nature’s Gem golden flaxseed is non-GMO and 100% natural with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Our flaxseed is not sprayed with fungicides or insecticides. However, a weed spray is used early in the growing stage before the seeds are formed on the plant and for this reason it is not considered organic.  

Our high quality flaxseed delivers more nutrition because the plants have a chance to become deeply rooted, the seed plump with oil, and the weed volume kept low, which provides more moisture, sun, and a stronger growing environment.  Laboratory testing has confirmed that there is no carryover of the spray on the mature flax seeds.

After harvest our flaxseed goes through an extensive cleaning process that consists of sorting the flaxseeds by size and weight, therefore eliminating the majority of poor and bad seeds, which can cause rancidity.  It is this concentration of high quality flaxseeds that become our end product of Nature’s Gem Premium Flaxseed, with nothing added and nothing taken away. 

We specialize in flaxseed and are committed to providing only the highest quality flaxseed to our customers.