Is Our Flaxseed Organic?

Actually, our flaxseed is better than organic! How can that be? 

Well we grow it with a minimum amount of chemical spray, which is done for weeds early in the growing stage before the grain is formed on the plant. The reduction or removal of weeds grows a sturdier, more healthy flaxseed. 

As a precaution we have tested seed to see if there was any carry over of the chemical, and the result was negative. 

Our flaxseed is also tested for micro-biological organisms to insure purity and safety. When baking with flaxseed, this is a minor issue; but when eating it raw this is very important especially if you are eating an organic flaxseed.

We are not willing to compromise our quality for the sake of labeling it as organic, as we do not believe that organic is safer than ours. 

Our high-quality flaxseed delivers more nutrition to our customers because the plants have a chance to become deep rooted, seed plump with oil, and the weed volume kept low, giving each plant more moisture, sun, and a stronger growing environment. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Contact us at anytime!

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