Our Golden Flaxseeds Guarantee

Our Golden Flaxseeds Guarantee is Simple. Your satisfaction with our Nature’s Gem Golden Flax Is 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

If there is any problem whatsoever, simply call 800 387 5516 or email info@goldenflax.com and we will issue a prompt refund, without the hassle of returning the product. It’s that easy!

Since 1999, North American Nutrition has focused on delivering premium quality flaxseed and superior customer service.

  • Our Nature’s Gem Premium Whole Golden Flaxseed is guaranteed to retain its full freshness for 3 years, without losing any of its nutritional value.
  • Our Nature’s Gem Premium Milled/Ground Golden Flaxseed is guaranteed to retain its full freshness beyond the expiration date stamped on the package. Refrigeration or freezing will extend the shelf life.

The reason our product has a long shelf life is: Selection of only high grade seed batches for processing Intensive cleaning and sizing of the seeds A special cold milling process that retains oil content in the seed. Note: By removing the poor quality seeds before milling/grinding, the deterioration process you so commonly read about in milled (ground) flaxseed, is not allowed to begin.

Golden Flaxseeds Guarantee from Goldenflax.com

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