Of the hundreds of nice things our customers say about us, here are a few of the goldenflax reviews that we enjoyed the most. 

Great product and great service

“My husband and I have been eating Golden Flax every day for a few years.  We love the health benefits, keeps everything moving in the digestion system, omega 3 for heart and cholesterol.  I have baked muffins and banana bread with flax and reduced the fat in the recipe.  It adds a nice nutty flavor, texture and fiber.”

– Julie of Hopkins MN

“The best flax meal we have ever baked with – the texture is unreal!”

– Chief Baking Officer, JP’s Pastry of Benson

My Childs Diet

“I, like every other mom out there, just wanted what was best for my kids. When I was a new mom, raising my first born son, I had never heard of flax seeds or the benefits they have to offer.

When my son’s pediatrician said that my sweet boy was showing signs of early childhood asthma, I hit the internet in search of what I could do to help prevent it, or at least ease the struggle he was facing. After a lot of searching, I landed on Flaxseeds, and found that they promised to reduce the production of inflammatory compounds that caused childhood asthma.

I checked to see how safe it would be, and was delighted to find that it had a long list of benefits, and would do much more than just help fight his possible asthma. I found the sight with the best reviews and promises for high quality products, and ordered (what kind of seeds should we say they bought?).

After only four months with a Flax enriched diet, we went back in for his checkup and found that he had no more symptoms. On top of that, his constipation problems were gone and my pediatrician was blown away with his health. He said that his eyesight was in the top percentile for kids his age (another listed benefit of flax that I didn’t even anticipate to be true), and a myriad of other green lights for using flax in his diet.

This felt like nothing less than a miracle, and a huge win for me as a mom. With my next two kids, I started them on flax as soon as I could, and am a huge advocate of the power they have over digestion, brain health and the way they make me feel secure about doing everything I can to help my kids have the best start possible. To this day, I mix flax into their smoothies, pancakes, everyday lunches and even the birthday cake that kids at their parties go crazy for.  

I purchased this for the first time in January of this year and was very excited that it was of good quality. My original source stopped selling it and I had to research where to buy. My husband and I are very happy with this product and will continue to purchase from North American Nutrition. Thank you.”

– Sandi of Pottstown, PA


Great Stuff!

“This is by far the cleanest flax seed, possibly on the market today! No sifting through, looking for twigs, stones or bug parts. It goes straight into the grinder! Thanks guys!”

– Patrick of Saginaw, Michigan

The Best Tasting Flax Seed I Have Ever Found!

“I have been using this seed for 11 years now and never had problem…the 50 pound bag allows me to save a bundle! Great product!”

– Renee of PA

Quality Flaxseed

“I have used Nature’s Gem Premium Gold Flaxseed for several years. I have been impressed with the quality of the product and with the service provided by North American Nutrition, especially Arlene. This is a quality product that will help to keep you healthy.”

– Mark of Island Park

Great Product From a Great Company

“I have been buying flax seed from North American Nutrition (NAN) for years.  The product is always very high quality as well as the service.  Arlene is great and provides suburb customer service.  I recommend NAN to all I know.”

– J TYLER JR of Texas

Just Another Mom Here

“Super impressed with the quality of the products I got from this site! I have been using Flax in my diet for years now, but just recently decided in was time to introduce it to my kids.

My 3 year old was having a lot of digestion issues, and when I made the decision to start including my kids on my secret health craze, I decided it was time to do some more research.

I found that the flax seeds I had been buying from the big box store did not have as many facts about production, and could not boast nearly anything about the quality or freshness of their products. I wanted what was best for my kids, so I looked online to find a source that could actually guarantee quality so I would be getting the most out of the seeds.

When I landed on this site, I was excited to see that they were grown in MN, sourced by people that care about what they are doing, and the freshest possible product in the market. After switching to their brand, I have been thrilled by the increase in effectiveness of their products versus the old, retail store one I had been relying on for years. My daughter’s health and digestion issue cleared up so quickly, and my other kids have been on it too, and I have noticed some awesome improvements in their health too! Highly recommend this brand and will always suggest putting flax in the mix! 

 -Izzy – Oshkosh Wi

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