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Direct from Farm to Table.

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Natural Flaxseed - Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away!

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Farm Fresh Flaxseed

From Our Farm

Our Golden Flaxseed comes directly from our farm and we feed it to our friends and families – and they love it!

Nutrient-Rich Flaxseed Soil


Our flax is grown in soil with the highest nutritional content anywhere. We take great care in making sure it is the best.

Stored Properly

We make sure our products get from the farm to your table as quickly as possible, storing them properly, but for as little time as possible.

We Make It Easy

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Begin with a starter kit, just a small package of golden flaxseed or 47 lbs of it. We ship the same day and you can always call if there any questions.

Choose one-time or recurring

We can send you a gentle reminder when your supply is getting low, or you can automate the process.

Enjoy & Be Well!

Experience the many benefits of flaxseed in your diet – from lower blood pressure to better bowel movements and a healthier gut!

Truly Farm to Table

The flowers in the background are a photo the family farm in the beautiful northland of Roseau, Minnesota. where we get our Flax. About as far north as one can get in the United States, the air and water are clean, the people are friendly and hard-working, and we are grateful every day for the many blessings we’ve been given.

On your journey to your best health, we’d love to be there to help you along the way.

Your Golden Flaxseed is planted, grown, and harvested with extreme care and with all the love and respect for the land that is possible. Give us a chance and we’ll show you!

Natural Flaxseed – Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away!

Greg Grahn - Golden Flaxseed and North American Nutrition

North American Nutrition is a Conscious Choice to Live a Healthier Life

We started North American Nutrition after watching several people benefit from the health effects of flaxseed and being amazed at the results.

With a strong commitment to providing the highest quality golden flaxseed for delivery direct from the farm to the customer, we take special care at every step of the process to ensure cleanliness, freshness, and premium quality flaxseed.

We believe that flaxseed is a nutritional gift from nature and wants to share it with others by remaining committed to the values that have set our product apart from others for years.

We do this by ensuring the soil is optimized and nutrient-rich through a multi-vitamin specially developed by their CEO, Greg Grahn, for flaxseed. North American Nutrition invites you to try golden flaxseed, it might just change your life!

Natural Flaxseed – Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away!