Whole Flaxseed Complete Starter Kit with Krups Ginder & Storage Container

North American Nutrition
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Welcome to the top level of starter kits. Our whole flaxseed complete starter kit gives you everything you need to start including healthy gluten free omega-3 rich flax to your diet. Our complete starter kit gives you not 2, not 3, but 4 3 pound bags of nature's gem premium omega 3 gold flaxseeds. This kit also included both the krups premium fast touch flax seed grinder and the flax seed storage container. Whether you're looking to get healthy, lose weight, or fix digestive woes, flax has been proven to help!  

Whole Flax Seed Starter Kit with Krups Flax Seed Grinder Includes:

  • (4) 3lb. packages Nature's Gem Premium Gluten Free Omega3 Whole Gold Flaxseed
  • 1/8 Cup Stainless Steel Measuring Cup
  • Krups premium Fast Touch Flax Seed Grinder
  • Handy Flax Seed Storage Container & Dispenser 

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