Raw 100% Pure Local Honey | 4lb Pail

North American Nutrition
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Not only do we sell premium golden flaxseed, but we sell 100% pure honey. In the natural granulated stage and is spreadable. Our honey is not heated or filtered. It contains all the enzymes, pollens, and floral essences provided by honeybees. Our real raw honey is a great source of antioxidants, which is known to help lower blood pressure. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Processing honey takes away valuable nutrients, leaving raw honey as the best option. Have a sore throat? Raw honey is just as effective as any cough medication.

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100% Pure Local Honey Equals Deliciously Smooth and Creamy
Written by Kathren on Mar 12th 2019

I have been purchasing this honey for years and was so disappointed when it was not available to purchase last Spring due to the climate and bees not producing as they were in the past. I was so excited to be able to purchase this deliciously, smooth and creamy honey. I have never had honey like this before. It is so creamy and smooth and the taste is so pleasant. It mixes well with everything. The pail it comes in is very convenient for me to store it in our pantry. When we finish the honey, I pop the pail in the dishwasher and re-purpose it for old batteries to recycle or something else useful.

100% Pure Local Honey is Great!
Written by Mark Morris on Apr 24th 2018

The Pure Local Honey that is sold by North American Nutrition is great. It tastes better and raw honey stores easily and has healthy enzymes that have not been pasteurized out of the natural honey. Also, Arlene at N A Nutrition takes good care of me and my orders!