Flaxseed Recipes

Healthy Benefits of Flax seeds

Here at North American Nutrition we realize that flax seeds are a superfood and have a ton of health benefits like lowering your cholesterol or helping to prevent cancers like ovarian or colon. But did you know that flax seeds provide support to the heart, digestive system, and even help strengthen bones, clear up skin issues like acne, and help with healthy hair and eye sight? Flax seeds can even play a crucial roll in a successful weight loss plan. They also help maintain an acceptable blood pressure and cholesterol and are beneficial to a diabetic diet.

Flax Seed is packed with Omega 3

Flaxseeds are filled with heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, in fact flax seeds contain 40% oil, most of which are the omega-3. This is essential fatty acids that our bodies need. This plus the fiber in flax helps to promote normal cholesterol levels. Omega 3’s can also be found in fish, plants, and nuts. Because flax seeds have such a high concentration of those fatty acids flaxseeds can spoil quickly if they’re not stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The shelf life for a sealed bag of flax seeds is 1 year, and in bulk 6 months. So make sure your using your flax seeds daily in all your meals!

Flax seed substitution for butter, margarine and cooking oil

Did you know that for every 1 tablespoon of margarine, butter or cooking oil you can substitute 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds! Flax can be a great substitute for all or some fat depending on the recipe your making. But read your instructions carefully because depending on the amount your substituting you might have to alter your recipe because flax seeds absorb moisture.

Flax seed substitution for eggs

You can even substitute flax seeds for eggs, thats right eggs! To do this for every egg you’ll want to substitute for you’ll need one tablespoon of milled flaxseeds and 3 tablespoons of water. Though Flax seeds are a great substitute here, you’ll still want to avoid using them in goods that require eggs like yeast breads.

So how to use Flax Seeds?

So how do we take advantage of this wonderful superfood? Great question. First, flax seed must be consumed in a ground state in order to acquire the nutritional benefits associated with them. Second, the best way is to introduce flax seeds into your diet is by mixing them into daily meals like a morning smoothie, or breakfast muffins. Meals can be made with flax seeds like beef stew or baked with pork chops. We even have a few desert recipes below for bards and peanut butter cookies. Check them out!

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