Flaxseed Benefits -Clearing Up Your Skin

If you think that you have tried all of the cleansers and creams, but you are still fighting acne, you haven’t tried everything. Even if you find yourself in the war with acne well into your twenties when everyone else seems to have figured it out, we have a solution for you. 

Made by nature, designed for the most sensitive of skin and the most delicate of diets, our skincare miracle seeds will save you from the battle that seems unwinnable. While it can be very difficult to understand what is really going on under your skin, we want to help you understand how our Flax Seeds can help you to win your skin, and have a healthy lifestyle to come with it, unlike the demanding regiments of many other acne fighting products. After introducing Flax Seeds into your daily diet, you will see a speedy change in the clarity of your skin wrapped in a clean and tasty package. 

Natural Remedy, added easily enough just by mixing flax into your morning smoothie

A home remedy fix for pimples and oily skin, our flax seeds can be consumed discreetly, with no major side effects, unlike almost every other remedy on the market. You can mix the seeds in to your smoothies, pancakes, baked goods, and so much more, your imagination is the limit. By controlling your hormones, Flaxseed can help to clear up your skin in a cheap and easy way. The idea of our delicious, locally grown seeds is a much easier pill to swallow than the gigantic fish oil that every holistic site suggests to help you with the plague of acne. It might sound like our promises are too good to be true, so let’s explore the science behind why it really does work. 

The Magic of Skin Healing

The magic behind the cure for acne lies in a three layer system designed by nature to help clear and hydrate skin. Once our seeds enter your system they begin by releasing their high concentration Omega-3 Fatty acids, which are an anti-inflammatory that acts quickly to stomp out the inflammation in your skin. Next, the high count of Lignans act to control the balance of acne causing hormones. Lignans have been proven to inhibit five alpha-reductase, the enzyme involved in the conversion of testosterone to DHT(the source of your acne) Essentially, it helps to balance the production of androgens, one of the main producers of acne, especially in adults.Finally, the high count of fatty acids found in Flax bolster the skin’s cell membranes, which causes hydration of the innermost layer of skin. By hydrating the skin, not only do flax seeds help avoid the common issue of dry skin associated with most acne reducing products, but it also makes your skin less susceptible to hormonal fluctuation.

More than Just Skin Benefits

If you are still not convinced, here is some of the many ways in which clearing up your skin will also help your health in many other ways. While the social and psychological benefits of having clear skin can be shown and proven as easily as they can be felt, no other skin clearing remedy can bolster so many additional health benefits. Not only will you look good, with clear, well hydrated skin, but you will reap the benefits of strong and healthy hair with a salon quality glow, a healthy digestive system, and countless other benefits that have been linked to consuming our flax seeds. 

Locally Grown, Cost Effective and Has Health Benefits, Try Our Flax Seeds

Unlike other natural remedies for acne prone skin, Flax Seeds actually work, and they taste good! We suggest consuming it orally, but there are many other way you can use our Flax Seeds to clear your skin or naturally reduce oily skin. There are face masks you can make at home, bathing remedies to rejuvenate all your skin, and many more. If you are looking for a cost effective, and proven way to truly help clear your skin and feel better about yourself, try integrating our locally grown seeds today!