Flax Seed: Milled vs. Whole

Nature's Gem Milled Golden Flaxseed

ground-flaxseed-circle.jpgNorth American Nutrition's Milled golden flax seeds are guaranteed to stay fresh for 9 months and will not turn rancid like many other brands of flax seed. The reason for this long shelf life is we select only high grade seed batches that go through intensive cleaning and sizing. This process removes poor quality seeds that can cause deterioration and rancidity. This special process retains freshness and oil content in the seed. Milled flax seed will provide the body with optimal health benefits.

Nature's Gem Whole Golden Flaxseed

flax-seed-circle.jpgNorth American Nutrition's whole flax seeds have a shelf life measured in years. This long shelf life is due to the high quality of the seed. Our seeds are plump with Omega 3 oils and are uniform in size with a nutty-buttery flavor. Whole flax seeds are great in recipes, i.e., breads, cookies or on salads, yogurts and cereals, etc. Whole flax seeds should be ground or chewed for the body to receive optimal health benefits.