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Oh Mega Daily Flax Drink

NEW! Drinkable Flax Mix - Oh Mega Daily!

We are delighted to introduce our new flaxseed product from North American Nutrition.  We have developed a delicious and nutritious flax drink that delivers the same healthy benefits as our Nature’s Gem Premium Golden Flaxseed. 

This product is intended for the many people that want to include flaxseed in their diet but have not found a way to easily do it. It is flavored mildly so it can be consumed every day and continue to enjoy the taste.   

Greg Grahn, a premium flax seed grower and founder of North American Nutrition has partnered with Laura Huffman, founder of Vivian’s Live Again, a manufacturer of gluten free  products.  Together they formed Clean Label Foods to manufacture our new flax drink under the brand name “Oh Mega Daily”.  Our new product is available now on our website and will soon be available in Health Food and Grocery store chains. We appreciate you asking your favorite store to carry our product. Have them call 800-387-5516.

Our new flax drink contains only 5 ingredients. Each serving is 31g and contains 15g (2 Tbsp) of premium ground flaxseed and 3.2g of Omega-3. It is a good source of protein (8g) and an excellent source of recommended daily requirement of Calcium (20%), Vitamin C (2%), Vitamin D (15%), Vitamin B12 (12%), and Iron (4%)

Oh Mega Daily Flax Drink is a delicious, quick and healthy way to meet the nutritional demands of a busy lifestyle. It is a great way for those that want to receive the benefits of flaxseed, but have not found a way to incorporate it into their daily diet. To get the most benefit is to make this drink part of your daily routine we recommend drinking it for breakfast.  It is not necessary to eat additional foods as 1 to 2 single packets is a nutritional powerhouse and will satisfy you for hours.

How to use our new product?  Simply stir 1 or 2 packets into water, juice or milk and drink. If mixing only 1 packet into water we recommend using only 4 - 6 oz. as using too much water dilutes the flavor.  Each single packet contains 2 Tbsp. of ground flax seed and as with our Nature’s Gem flax seed it is important to follow with a glass of water as the flax seed in the drink will continue to absorb water in the stomach.

Since 1999 North American Nutrition has been providing premium quality flaxseed for its customers. Over the years we have had the opportunity to talk with many of these wonderful people. The #1 question – How should I take flaxseed?

Our answer - have it for breakfast. If you currently eat breakfast, replace it. If you are not eating breakfast – start!

Most of us are at home every day when we awake and for that reason breakfast is a very reliable meal. This is my routine – shortly after awaking start the coffee pot with 2 cups of coffee. Grab my favorite 12 oz. water glass, fill 1/3 full and add two packs of Oh Mega Daily mix. Stir, fill with water and stir again. Drink the mix and drink one more glass of water. Coffee is ready. Simple, fast and it works!

For 15 years I mixed ground flax with orange juice and it worked well. I started using Oh Mega Daily in 2014. I like the flavor and simplicity of mixing it with water.  It does not matter how you work ground flaxseed into your daily routine, just do what works for you. Flaxseed just sitting in your cupboard is of no benefit for you.

Laurie and I are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.  Call us at (800)-387-5516.

Greg Grahn
North American Nutrition, Inc.

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Please browse thru our site and feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about flaxseed and/or flax seed benefits. 800-387-5516