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Flaxseed has been studied for years and scientists have found numerous health benefits. Read the following pages to find expert opinions using flaxseed to improve your health. Using flaxseed does not replace the need to see your doctor for valuable advice regarding your systems.

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ďThank you so very much for the Flax Seed. It has been a real blessing for me to have discovered its benefits toward my Diabetes; I use Amaryl, 1 MG-tab in the morning and 1-MG-tab at night. I was using a strict diet, it worked quite well, however if I strayed from the diet my blood level would rise and drop a lot. I found that when I began using the Flax Seed that my blood level stayed at a more constant level, with a lot less restricted diet, so I can enjoy food more. I have noticed some other side benefits also. So thank you."


P.S. I like oatmeal, so every morning I cook the oatmeal somewhat soft, after it is cooked I put in 3 heaping tablespoons of ground Flax Seed and mix it in. I have also put it in diet pop, that works quite well

Dear Greg,

I was recently given some of your flax seed by a well-meaning friend because I am diabetic and have been fighting with my mouth and high blood sugars. Yes, I love to eat. After looking at the flax seed for several days, decided to grind it and begin using. I am taking 3 tablespoons a day and my blood sugars have been lower than they ever were. It can only be attributed to the flax seed because I have not made a change in my med routine. I mix it with my Crystal Light fake orange juice in the morning and at the end of the day; sprinkle a teaspoon over my dinner. My blood sugar readings are nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful to my friend for giving me 12 pounds of Flax Seed. Have been printing and using some wonderful recipes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my life.


When I called you in September 2002, I had no idea what a change my health and quality of life were about to take. I had read somewhere that flaxseed helped with digestive problems. I am a 53 year old man in good health. I have suffered from Crohn's disease, specifically ileitis, for some 25 years. For all these years, I had rarely had a day where I felt "normal." Each day, no matter how I watched my diet, I suffered from gas, bloating, 3-4 bowel movements and a general feeling of nausea. If you remember, I asked you if you thought adding your golden flax to my diet might help. You were very encouraging and suggested I try the product. I did and what a difference it has made. Little by little, I have increased my consumption to a little more than 2 scoops per day. It took a short period for my body to adjust to the additional fiber. But now, Greg, I feel so much better. I would say that on 8 out of 10 days I actually feel GOOD. No more bloating, regular bowel movements which are not spastic like they used to be and a general feeling of being able to go somewhere and not worry about where the nearest bathroom is. Your flax has also eliminated the diarrhea.

In addition, I'm getting valuable fiber which I couldn't tolerate previously. I use the flax on my cereal in the morning and I have no trouble placing some in a small glass of water and consuming it that way. It is also good on a salad and in so many other dishes. I now have my wife taking it along with my in laws. I heard a local nutritionist on the radio the one day and she said that flax has elements in it which make red blood cells "unstickable" thus lowering your heart attack risk. Even my gastroenterologist to whom I showed a small quantity of the flax on my last visit said that he is amazed at "How doggone good you are doing."

Anyway, I'm giving this testimonial to you as a gift to use on your website in return for the "gift" you have given me: actually feeling good after so many years of frustration. I hope others who read this will try the product and stick with it awhile.........I'm sure it will help others like it has helped me. Again Greg, thank you so much for your kind advice and recommendation in September of 2002."

Very truly.........Gerald Dimitri

"My cholesterol two months ago was 245, last Friday it was 139. Two months ago I ordered your Golden flax seed and began a diet regimen recommended by the American Heart Association and followed Dr. Andrew Wield's recommendations in his book Natural Healing. The only oils I took in were contained in flaxseed, benecol and in foods naturally. My objective was to lower my calorie intake to bare minimums and keep my fat grams between 25% and 30%. My build is slender and my weight has remained stable. My diet is not restrictive; I use a microwave, pressure cooker and grill as a primary means of cooking. Most of my meals are prepared at home. In general my diet consists mostly of fish high in omega three oils, vegetables, grains and fruit. Juicing is something I am doing more and more of now. If I can do this anyone can."

Thanks you
David from Atlanta, GA


I started a regimen of 1/8 cup ground flaxseed twice daily on August 1, 2003. I just got my cholesterol results back today and it has dropped from 267 to 235. I am so happy with the results, using your product. I have also lost 11 lbs. since Sept 9th, my weigh-in day at Curves.  So all in all your golden flaxseed has stood up to all your claims.

Thank you from a satisfied customer,
Pat Barry


"Thanks for answering my questions so promptly. I have gotten a great benefit from taking flaxseed. My skin isn't as dry, I find I have more resistance to colds & other people's germs (I work in an Emergency room).

I have used flax seed oil, but I find I get more benefits from the milled flaxseed. I stir it in different cereals - hot & cold - and they stay with me longer. I will soon be ordering more flax seed."

Thanks again
Elaine Lueras

Hi!  I just wanted to write quick and tell you my story (if you've got a minute :) I'm a 22 year old, single mother who is self-employed, and have been so blessed with the help and understanding of my family.

When I was only 20 years old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I at the time had a 6 month old son (who's now 3). I opted out of traditional 'chemical' medical treatments and started on some natural supplements. As part of my regimen, I took Flax Seed Oil; one tablespoon, twice a day, to try and straighten out my immune system, it did wonders! I felt better, had more energy for my son, and gained weight which was too my advantage actually (Iím 5'9" and 125 lbs.). I do real estate house appraisal which I enjoy very much, everything was going so well. I felt great for months.

During a move, I just kind of got lazy I guess and stopped my regimen.

That was about 6 months ago and my health has been slowly sliding downhill ever since. I always 'meant to start again' but felt fine and none of my MS symptoms were bothering me, so I never did... that is until about a week ago. I started to take the flax oil again (over cold veggies or cottage cheese (adds another omega), b/c for the last 3 weeks I suddenly came down with very very severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was very open with my family and found out that over reaction to adrenaline does

run in my motherís side. This causes your heart and body to over-respond and have a 'fight-or-flight' response in normal situations. Many of my motherís family members take 'beta blockers', etc. I also began to have severe gastro-esophageal reflux, which I was treated for with medication. I was also treated for asthma.

I really didn't want to take medication, but was almost at a loss as to what to do. I saw a psychotherapist and learned some relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques, but was on the verge of trying to get on an antidepressant/social anxiety drug. Thank goodness I didn't.

I out of desperation started the flax oil again, not actually thinking that it would help the anxiety, but maybe improve my health and help me to calm down a little. I was told that perhaps I was 'worrying' about my health on some level and that was the source of my problem. Now after just a week taking the flax, I'm out and about again. I've quit the GERD med and only use my asthma inhaler when I'm being 'athletic', and the numbness in my hands and feet from the MS has practically vanished.

I've always been very social and enjoyed being around other people, the social anxiety was devastating. I hardly left the house for 3 weeks. I'm slowly but surely getting better and I believe that the flax is too thank for it. I'll never again go without it!

Thank you for your website and for the awareness that youíre giving to this
'liquid gold'!

Jules Cameryn

Hi Greg

Thank you for all your support through your emails. I think my story is amazing (for me), and if you want to share my story, I'd prefer anonymity.

In 1996 my peri-menopause symptoms began. I thought I was about to lose it.
My Dr. gave me some estrogen, bad news on the sex life. Went to an OBGYN, started me back on birth control pills. Some improvement, but a woman at the hospital I worked at had a pulmonary embolism from the leg and nearly died. No more birth control pills. Several months went by and I saw an ad for a women's clinic for a Naturopath. I liked her and she had an exciting array of herbal hormones, sleep aide, and also milled Flax for my chronic constipation. (Tried many over the counter meds). I hated the flax and stopped that. I kept taking the hormones, and felt a little better. Insomnia stilled prevailed. For a year this continued, and I was working many OT hours, house remodel, lack of sleep, etc. I had a Grand Mal seizure! My neurologist said that hormone replacement may have been contributing to lowering my threshold to fight off a seizure. I stopped everything. Just going with the flow, and only taking a prescription sleep aid. After 3 weeks I thought I needed to check into a Mental Hospital, seriously. I became paranoid, crying all the time, very depressed and withdrawn. My doctor said that sleep aids are very powerful, stop it immediately and try some Flax Seed. "I tried the granules before, hated it." She said try the seeds instead. Two days later I felt wonderful. I've been on the seeds now for 6 months and haven't felt like this in 5 years. The most notable feeling is my sense of well-being, laugh a lot again, and my energy level has improved dramatically. Last year if I worked in the garden for an hour, I had to take a nap. Now I'm out there for hours. My constipation is gone also. I can't tell you how much I love Flax seed. My mother and sister have also started and love it also.

Thank you,




  NOTE: Information presented here does not replace seeking advice from your physician.



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