Flaxseed Grinders


Krups PREMIUM Fast Touch Grinder with Free 1lb. of Whole Flaxseed
Item: F203
This large capacity grinder yields 3 oz. ground flax seed. Stainless steel power blade for uniform grinding. Powerful motor grinds flax seed in seconds
Total Cost: $28.00
Retail Price: $30.00 save 7%
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Premium Whole Flax Seed Starter Kit with Krups Fast Touch Grinder
Item: #1119
Includes: (2) 3 lb. pkgs. Nature's Gem Premium Omega3 Whole Gold Flaxseed, Krups Premium Fast Touch Flax Seed Grinder, FREE Flax Seed Nutrition & Health Book and FREE 1/8 cup Stainless Steel measuring scoop.
Total Cost: $49.95
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