Flax Seed & Weight Loss

Flax Seed and Weight Loss Can Go Hand in Hand

I started a regimen of 1/8 cup ground flaxseed twice daily on August 1, 2003. I just got my cholesterol results back today and it has dropped from 267 to 235. I am so happy with the results, using your product. I have also lost 11 lbs. since Sept 9th, my weigh-in day at Curves.  So all in all your golden flaxseed has stood up to all your claims.

Thank you from a satisfied customer
Pat Barry

Flax seed helps in weight loss by restoring a healthy metabolism, keeping you feeling full and increasing the function of your whole digestive tract.

Weight management. This is a dream that has become a multimillion dollar industry, touting miracle natural weight loss product options and quick-fix schemes across the country. We would all like to believe that trimming pounds and inches can be that easy. Yet, long-lasting health habits are not an over-night magical formula.

Knowledge about nutrition and exercise, and adapting these areas to your unique lifestyle, are the essential factors that will determine success in weight management. This is why we feel committed to give you as much information as possible regarding flax seed and weight loss, how the body works, the nutrients it needs and how to blend these concepts into your present habits.

How Flax Seed Works as a Natural Weight Loss Product

Health Benefits of Flax, a certain amount of fat in the diet acts as the ignition for burning calories and maintenance of the metabolic processes. It also helps to give you that "satisfied" feeling when you have completed a meal. Nutritionists term this as satiety – the feeling of fullness. Foods with minimal nutritive value or what is known as "empty calories" leave you still craving food, even though you may have consumed many calories. No one can maintain a diet when they are constantly feeling deprived. In the quest to trim pounds, people often decide to eliminate a lot of the fat from their diets. The theory seems to make sense, yet the mistake is made in the types of fats that are eliminated, and they are usually replaced with foods of little to no nutritive value. Also, total elimination of fats in the diet can essentially cause you to gain weight in the long run.

Learning what is "good fat" and "bad fat" for your body’s health is essential for long-term weight management. The omega-3 essential fatty acids and fiber content in flax seed will assist you in your weight management. Refer to the sections on fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids for more information about their important qualities. Link also to the page on flax seed Flax Seed Nutrition and flax seed recipes to see how you can reap the helpful benefits of flax seed.

Thank you. I have been amazed at the physical results of flaxseed. I ingest it twice daily after grinding. I mix it with Yoplait Yogurt over fruit consisting of bananas and strawberries. In the evening with yogurt only. Excellent weight loss and a definite reduction in arthritic symptoms.
-Gene Carson (North American Nutrition Customer)

NOTE: Information presented here does not replace seeking advice from your physician.