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If you're unclear on the benefits of flax seed oil vs. flax seed, or how the use of flax seed oil differs from flax seed, let North American Nutrition help. We take care of everything, right down to the handling and packaging from the farm to the customer, taking the shortest, most expedient path to ensure the quality and freshness of the product. Find out the benefits of flax seed for yourself. See what the use of flax seed oil can mean for your overall health and well-being.

>Flax seed oil in it's FRESHEST form
>Flax seed oil is lower in Omega 3s
>Flax seed oil contains little Fiber and lignans
>Flax seed oil costs more than Flax Seed
>Nature's Gem Flax seed is Guaranteed Fresh

Q: To whom it may concern, i was reading your view on Flax seed Oil and Flax seed / Seeds. It seems that you prefer the Flax / Seed over the Flax seed Oil, it was my understanding that, Flax / Seed does not have Omega3 or 6., this was reported by Canadian/Council/of/flax seed.
What advantage is there taking Flax seed /Powder over the Flax seed Oil?

What is the dietary/fiber in Flax /Powder? compare to Flax seed Oil?

Most places i read, it usually talks more about how good the Flax seed Oil is, not to much mention about Flax /Powder.

You say that the Flax Seed has Omega 3/plus6, i don't quite understand, from what I read elsewhere, Flax Seed has no Omega3/or 6, or very little.

Could you guide me to some sort of reference stating the ingredients with both products before i decide to buy any of these products.

Thank you


Hello Bob,
Thank you for contacting us. Flax oil is pressed from the flax seed and the left over flax meal will contain very little Omega 3, 6 and 9. This is perhaps what the Canadian Flax Council was referring to. To calculate the amount of flax oil you receive when eating flax seed you multiply by 40% the weight of the flax seed and this will be the amount of flax oil contained in the flax seed. It takes approx 3 Tablespoons of seed to equal one Tablespoon of oil.

Flax seed oil contains little or no dietary fiber. This is important to know since the beneficial anti-cancer lignans are contained in the fiber of the flax seed. You will find flax seed oil that has lignans added? But even these products only contain a small amount of the total lignans that is in the seed. If they try to add very much lignans the oil becomes very cloudy and thick from all of the fiber.

This is the Omega content of 45 grams (1/4 cup measured before grinding)
Nature's Gem Premium Golden flax seed.

Omega 3 - 9.49 grams
Omega 6 - 2.66 grams
Omega 9 - 2.99 grams
Measuring after grinding will vary but 3/8 cup should be close. Also the quality of flax seed will cause a variation in the amount of Omega 3.

Our milled flax seed is different than flax meal in that there is nothing added and nothing taken away, it contains 100% of the flax seed oil. This link will give you the vitamin and mineral content of flax seed. http://www.goldenflax.com/flax-seed-nutritional-information.html
Bob, you will save money and receive more nutrition and health benefits from flax seed rather than flax seed oil. I hope I've answered your questions and please feel free to contact me again.

Greg Grahn
North American Nutrition

High in Omega 3
Flax seed contains flax seed oil in its freshest form.  Consuming 1/4 cup of Nature's Gem golden flax seed provides you with the Omega 3 equivalent of approx. 17 (1000 mg) flax oil capsules.

Omega-3's kept the mice's brains working
A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids slowed Alzheimer's disease in mice, a new Canadian study suggested. The research provided the strongest evidence so far that a deficiency in a specific dietary component could have a direct impact on a person's risk of developing the neurological disease.

Fiber and lignans
Compared to flax seed oil, flax seed contains 98% more anti-cancer lignans and 97% more fiber (soluble & insoluble). The combination of lignans, fiber and Omega 3 help lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, reduce weight, relieve PMS and menopause symptoms and deter diabetes.

Flax seed delivers the full benefits of Omega 3, 6 & 9 EFA's, plus all of the fiber, protein, lignans (an anti-cancer agent), vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are important nutrients for overall good health.

Cost Savings
There is a considerable savings by grinding your own flax seed. The cost of 1/4 cup of our Premium golden flax seed is $0.38 compared to $1.70 (prices vary) for 18 flax oil capsules.

Consuming the entire flax seed with all of its nutritional components will leave you feeling satisfied for hours. Example: ground flax seed mixed in a tall glass of orange juice will provide you with a complete breakfast.

A Word About Flaxseed Oil
From the book Flax Your Way to Better Health,
by Jane Reinhardt-Martin, RD, LD

"flaxseed oil (see> flaxseed oil vs. flaxseed) is a wonderful source of alpha-linolenic acid. However, when you buy flax in the form (oil), this is all you're getting. In other words, flaxseed oil is lacking (see> flaxseed oil vs. flaxseed) in all the other important nutrients that provide so much benefit, particularly fiber, lignans, and protein.

...flaxseed oil comes in two different forms: regular and high-lignan oil. This latter variety struck me as odd when I first began researching flaxseed and flax-based products, since flaxseed oil is, by definition, lacking in lignans. I did some investigating, contacting several companies that produce the "high-lignan" version to check out just what process they use in its manufacture. Unfortunately, I could not verify that lignans are somehow added back in to the oil. Therefore, I suggest you be wary when confronting such claims.

And here is one last caveat about flaxseed oil. Because of its chemical composition, flax oil must be kept refrigerated at all times. Even refrigerated, it's got a pretty short shelf life - you have to use it within six to eight weeks after opening the bottle - after that it goes rancid. How do you know if your flaxseed oil has gone bad? You'll get a bitter taste or even a burning sensation on your tongue, and it will start to smell like paint thinner. Unrefrigerated, it spoils much faster, as I discovered during an experiment I did on my own. I left a bottle of flaxseed oil out on my kitchen counter, checking it daily. After just a few days, the odor it gave off had changed dramatically! Not a flavor I wanted to add to my meals, that's for sure!

Nature's Gem Whole Premium Golden Flaxseed is Guaranteed Fresh, or your money back! No Questions Asked!

Keep in mind that flaxseed oil is expensive. Since it spoils relatively quickly, and since the research show that whole or ground flaxseed has far more beneficial properties, it seems wiser to skip the oil and go straight for the seeds."

NOTE: Information presented here does not replace seeking advice from your physician.