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North American Nutrition was started by a group of individuals who are concerned about health and nutrition. We had curiously watched several friends and family members benefit from the healthy attributes of flaxseed, also known as linseed. This prompted us to do more research and to also experience these healthy benefits ourselves. Well, it was not too long before we were absolutely sold on the benefits of flaxseed. Not only did we want to add this to our diet, we believed we could supply the best flaxseed available anywhere in the world.

With a strong commitment to provide the highest quality, best processed, and most tasty flaxseed available North American Nutrition was born. We are able to ensure quality at every point of the process by:

1. selecting high quality growers,
2. monitoring farming location and practices
3. requiring the highest quality food grade flaxseed be planted
4. using specialized equipment to obtain the cleanest seed
5. securing another step to sort out immature and damaged seed
6. handling and packaging from the farm to the customer in the shortest most expedient path to ensure quality and freshness of the product.

Flaxseed is a real nutritional prize of nature. North American Nutrition remains committed to continue its quest in providing the absolute highest quality flaxseed to its customers and also to assist them in their journey to health and wellness with the information provided in this website. Add flaxseed to your diet, and you too can claim a prize good nutrition and health!





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