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North American Nutrition specializes in growing the highest quality Golden Flax Seed for delivery direct from the farm to you.

From planting to harvest, from storage to cleaning, from packaging to every step, special care is given to ensure cleanliness, freshness and premium quality flaxseed - guaranteed!

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Premium Flaxseed Produced on Minnesota Farms
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Flax Seed as a Food

If you think of your body as an engine, you realize the importance of maintaining its upkeep and providing it with high-value nourishment for its fuel source. Our bodies use the oxygen in the air we inhale to produce body heat and energy. The food we eat acts as fuel, which is oxidized, or "burned up," in the body to release energy. This process is only part of a complex series of reactions in the body referred to as metabolism. Various chemical reactions are initiated in the metabolic process within each of the body's trillion or more cells.

Learn About Every Flax Seed Benefit and Other Flax Seed Information

Every minute of every day, our cells are busy breaking down the molecules of certain substances and building up the molecules of others. When we refuel our bodies with essential nutrients, the engine keeps working efficiently with minimal risk of breakdown. But when we consistently try to refuel with foods of poor nutritional value, the engine, your body, starts to work inefficiently and may lead to various health problems. So doesn't it make sense to blend some healthful nutrients into your present diet to help prevent future problems?

We feel golden flaxseed can be an easy and extremely beneficial addition to everyone's diet. Flax seed, also known as linseed, is noted to have high nutritional value, making it a priority choice of food for health conscious people.

Nutritionally Speaking

Premium Flaxseed Produced on Minnesota Farms

Nutrition is defined as the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant absorbs and uses food substances. The fundamental activities of the human body, such as the intake of food, digestion, release of energy, elimination of wastes and use of essential nutrients is a well researched field. As a person who is interested in nutrition, you probably know what food groups maintain and promote good health. But following those dietary habits is usually another challenge. To fully understand what nutrition and eating right really mean, it is necessary to know something about the composition of food and body metabolism.

Understanding why you eat certain foods is essential in maintaining life-long health habits. Certainly, pleasing taste and visual appeal is one reason we make food choices. Yet, choosing foods that keep our body working as a finely tuned machine is also the goal that healthy-minded individuals strive to achieve.

News Flash: "There Is No Magic Pill to Guarantee Healthy Living?"

You know that and we know that. Yet, unfortunately, we sometimes fall prey to the simplistic thinking that we need to subscribe to an "all or nothing" philosophy when it comes to our dietary habits. As with all of life, healthy diet and physical activity habits need to maintain a balance with the rest of your life. With that concept in mind, it makes sense to incorporate or blend natural, nutrient-packed food products in with your present diet.

We recognize it is the rare person who is ready to make drastic changes in their dietary habits for the long-haul. We feel people are most likely to loosen their hold on old habits and make constructive changes in their lives when they understand the logic or rationale for those changes.

The information provided in this website will encourage and hopefully inspire you to make healthy choices with your dietary habits that are easily assimilated into your present diet. Adding just 1/8-1/4 cup of flaxseed to your daily diet can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and assists with healthy weight management. Research also indicates that properties in flax seed can be helpful dietary additions to persons with attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and illnesses that suppress the body's natural immune system, such as lupus and varying forms of arthritis. Please link to these corresponding pages for additional information, and also research links found on this website.

How Does Flax Do All of That?

How can a little seed, the same size as a sesame seed, be packed with these types of health benefits? It packs a powerful nutritious punch in a small package. The following information is presented to give you further information about the nutritive components of flaxseed. Understanding these components is helpful to fully understand its preventative abilities for chronic illnesses and health problems.

Flax - Seeds of Wonder

Golden Flax seed has the natural properties of fiber, lignans and omega-3 fatty acids that provide preventative and restorative abilities to your diet.

These impressive compounds in flaxseed are igniting a flurry of research. Thus far, the research has proven that this small and humble seed can be an essential addition to the average diet. Understanding the role of fiber, lignans and omega-3 fatty acids can provide you with helpful information as you assess your own dietary needs.

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